I’ve taken some time to step back and get new perspective. So, I thought I’d share with my audience the fundamental missions and why I began this journey I wanted to share with you more about the name “Perspective Shifting” and why it’s important.

When I decided to walk this path, I found it hard to communicate what it was that I did.  I knew I challenged people to think differently, that I supported people in their quest for purpose, that I helped people to build confidence, and that I wanted more people to find happiness.

But that seemed so generic, and every person calling themselves a “coach” or an “expert” or a “consultant” does that right?  I truly could see that everyone does that. 

For example: Think about your IT expert (whether that’s your company’s department or your 7 year old who navigates your phone better than you.) Doesn’t IT help you to challenge your thinking on systems, support your quest for purpose and aid you on your mission? Doesn’t your IT team help you build confidence when you figure out something new? I know the IT teams I’ve worked with can even help you re-find happiness by fixing that glitch in your system you have “every time” you turn on your computer.

Have you figured out my super power yet?  Keep reading…

Finding what made me different was TOUGH.  I worked for years (literally years) on finding a niche.. narrowing things down.. finding what set me apart. I even started walking the path to work with other experts;  investing in myself like I hoped my perspective clients would, and trying to find help to figure it all out. I kept trying to figure out what those that I worked with but that were finding success were doing that was different than what I did. 

You wanna know what I found?

That any coach worth their salt is doing similar (if not identical) things to what I’m doing, AND each of them did something different.  Initially, this was crushing because I was focused on how similar what they were doing was to what I was doing.  It was validating, sure, but it also meant that I wasn’t special.  And according to the experts, if I couldn’t find much that set me apart and I was going to struggle to “make it” in this highly competitive world.  

I didn’t know how I was ever going to change the world if I couldn’t even figure out what it was that made me different.  I really wanted to be different… be “special.”  Find that one thing that I could market… And when I thought I’d found it I would meet someone else who was also doing that thing. 

Someone holds a sphere in their fingertips against a sunset over the ocean.  The sphere reverses the image making the sky look like it's in the ocean and the sand from the beach look like it's in the sky.

Have you figured it out yet?  

You’re probably catching on already, but it took me a while to see that not being different was the secret to me being different. My superpower is that I can see the patterns in what we all do, and how we relate to each other, AND I can see that ever person is uniquely needed because their perspective is so incredibly important!

Yes, I just said that not being different is what made me certain that I AM different… completely. It’s also what makes me certain that you are amazing because you are different and also because you’re like me. The people I worked with, both as a client myself and as the expert, were so much like me, but we all had different perspectives and different passions. I also found that 9 times out of 10 these experts knew something I didn’t, had insights that I didn’t, or had an approach I hadn’t thought of yet.

So, where other coaches acknowledged what made them different, I couldn’t pull my perspective away from how similar we all were. I realized that the perspectives where I was finding community and common ground felt like a hurdle… where others were finding their freedoms in the uniqueness despite the similarities.  When I was able to acknowledge that my super power was in seeing the bigger picture – both the similarities AND the commonality, I figured out immediately why I hadn’t been able to narrow a niche or market my uniqueness.

Uniqueness and ideal clients and exceptionality comes from your perspective. 

Even when we champion change (for ourselves and others) it all comes from perspectives. The initial spark of change making requires a seed of perspective shifting to determine you want or need a change.

So why Perspective Shifting?

Well, from here it only made sense to focus on the one thing I knew I was great at and trust that my expression of that greatness would work itself out.  This is where Perspective Shifting came into play. Both as a way to help myself and others inspire change, but also as a business name.

I’ve found that life relies solely on our perspectives. Perspective shapes the lenses that we view the world through.  It shapes how we see the world, how we approach challenges, how we see others, how we experience a moment, and how we embrace opportunities. It is LITERALLY everything. As you read this right now, the way the words dance in your head, the feelings it ignites within you, and the action you choose to take or to not take is entirely a determination of your perspective, both at the beginning of this article, and at the end.  

If perspective is so important, do we need to focus on “shifting?”


Perspective Shifting is a process of personal and professional growth where we acknowledge that we (either as individuals or groups) have a particular perspective, challenge that perspective and then shift into a place where we create change.  Shifting our perspective shifts a lot more than a viewpoint. Perspective ripples out through our attitude, our environment, our purpose, our confidence, and our thoughts which allow us to inspire change and inspire others to create change.  

I believe that perspective shifting is where personal and professional development meet.  I believe that it is the core of leading others.  Having the courage to shift is curated through a series of experiences where challenging your thoughts and beliefs in the company of others empowers you to embrace your potential and your purpose. 

But where can we find such a place?

Well, I honestly couldn’t have told you at the start of 2023.  And this is why I created the Perspective Shifters Hub.  I set out to partner with some of those same coaches, mentors, experts, and leaders that I’d worked with over the years, as well as find new people that would shift my perspective. 

We founded a mission to not only create a space where people can embrace different perspectives, but actively encourage people to share their own perspectives in order to seek out the shift to their own points of view. I get to work with change makers every day.  Changemakers who aim to broaden their understanding of the situations and people in front of them.

Interested in getting a new perspective?

Of course you are, I know you didn’t come all this way to quit now! Go Ahead, Read on…

We have crafted a community where we create spaces for you to challenge your perspective in the company of others, find other change makers who are interested in making big impacts in their communities, and seek guidance & training on self-development, leadership development, and business development.  And yes, we cover it all, because none of us can be an expert in EVERYTHING, so The Hub brings together curated experts across industries and areas of life to help you shift in whatever area of life or business you’re looking for a shift in.

It’s not just the experts though, our members create an environment where you can be inspired, empowered, and connected to new levels of elevation, understanding, and fulfillment. Where paths to freedom and purpose are unlocked and no challenge seems insurmountable.

Does this sound like you?

I know it does… I know it does because so many of us are making shifts every day. We all want to make shifts for ourselves and for others.  Everyone of us has our own perspectives, and to be human is to grow, and change, and shift.  I invite you to gain confidence, find clarity, connect to your purpose and elevate your life and business.

Are you ready to shift?

Sign up for the Perspective Shifter’s Hub by visiting Perspectiveshifters.com/thehub

Want to bring Perspective Shifting into your workplace? View my page of CONSULTING SERVICES

About Stephanie Kunkel
Stephanie Kunkel is a published author, who is passionate about personal development, compassionate leadership, and making big changes that truly make things better for everyone. She's got a masters degree in leadership and management and is a Certified Mental Health First Aider.


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Stephanie Kunkel

Stephanie Kunkel is a published author, who is passionate about personal development, compassionate leadership, and making big changes that truly make things better for everyone. She's got a masters degree in leadership and management and is a Certified Mental Health First Aider.