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In 2011 I was clinically depressed, and suicidal.  One decision changed my trajectory and allowed me to be of service to others.  I had to ask for help in a system not designed for me.  That’s why I firmlly believe that the most important part of what I do is ensuring that I, and the teams I hire, meet people where they are. I’ve worked with many companies, and individuals on creating changes and as a project manager, creative and perspective shifter my varied experiences and ability to think outside the box helps me to continue to challenge those I work with to elevate themselves, their teams, or their businesses with solutions, resources, and trainings for any roadblock. 

Stephanie Kunkel sits at her desk, working. She's wearing a green shirt and purple cardigan, her hair is a light shade or rose in this picture.


Perspectives Through Broken Glass

A Guide to Managing Depression at Home and in the Workplace

This book is a game-changer whether you’re one of the 20 to 25 percent of adults who experience depression or one of your friends, family, coworkers, or leaders who manage the tricky line between support and motivation. In light of the growing number of depressed people and greater awareness of mental health, Through Broken Glass provides a road to becoming a more compassionate leader and a way out of the depression black hole.

This is the book you need if…

You're a mom battling depression

You're a team leader battling depression

You have family members struggling with depression

You have co-workers who might be depressed

Speaking and Consulting Services

From Speaking, training, leadership development and fractional CRO work, my experience can help you and your team gain perspective on how to ensure your company is thriving!

Stephanie Kunkel hosts a team building event in a board room, she stands in the corner near a white board she's dressed in black, her hands spread at her waist as she obviously discusses an important topic with the leaders in the room, she has blonde, shoulder length hair, dark glasses and a slight smile. She continues to shift perspectives.

Hire Me to Speak at your Event

When you’re planning your event, you want to make sure that attendees leave inspired, motivated, and with new perspectives. I’ve given over 300 trainings and talks from state leadership retreats to mental health weeks for Fortune 10 companies.

Leadership Coaching Services

I’ve got almost 10 years of experience in working with Fortune 500 companies and leaders. If you need new perspectives, advice, and someone to guide you through new roles, new expectations, or general change in your company, book a call with me.

Fractional CRO work

I meet companies where they are when they call. If you need to implement integration and alignment in collaboration with other departments while driving increased revenue, team and department efficiencies, and a better understanding, I’ve got you.

See what people are saying about me.

Thanks again for your presentation! It was wonderful working with you.  The information and your way of presenting really resonated with our staff, and has already prompted some great discussions.  I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews so far. 


Local State Agency

Thank you for delivering such an engaging & impactful session today! The interaction & feedback throughout was the best we have seen in our sessions so far. I’ve even had some thank you emails come through already. You are a pleasure to work with.

H. P.

Fortune 10 Finance Company

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