Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Perspective Shifting, LLC Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 4/22/2024


This Privacy Policy outlines how Perspective Shifting, LLC collects, uses, and protects user information.

Types of Information Collected

We collect IP Addresses, Email Addresses, and Names to Enhance a user’s experience of our website, and newsletter content.

How Information is Collected

We collect information through website analytics tracking and other forms and may use google analytics, ConvertKit, Tidy Cal, and WordPress to collect this information.

Purpose of Data Collection

User information is collected for the purposes of marketing and analytics.

Data Security Measures

We employ Data Classification, Encryption, Authentication and Password Management measures to safeguard user data.

Third-Party Sharing

We will never share your personal data for any reason with anyone else.

User Rights

Users have the right to request that your data be removed from our lists, and deleted from any of our databases entirely, and inquiries can be directed to

Legal Compliance

We comply with relevant US privacy laws, with specific considerations for Wisconsin and coaching policies and recommendations.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Users will be notified of changes via email with a review period of once a year.

Contact Information

For privacy-related inquiries, contact us at or 415 S Water St. Wautoma, WI 54982