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When I was a little girl, I would play school every chance I got and I was always coming up with ideas for businesses.

My step mother once told me I would be a teacher, and my mom always thought I would be in Sales, or a business owner. I ended up blending sales, leadership, teaching, coaching, my love of creative solutions and entrepreneurship together. So, I guess they were both right.

I’ve worked with clients in executive coaching to the full implementation of onboarding and leadership development programs.

I can assist from start to finish or anywhere in between, and if It’s not in my wheel house I have a team of experts I refer to.

The Power of

Training & Coaching Together

Lets talk the cost of not investing into yourself or your team.

Employees who do not receive training are 12 times more likely to leave.  If you haven’t looked at the cost of attrition it’s astounding with around 75% of an employees salary being the average cost of replacing them.

I wont even dive into the cost of untapped productivity nor the cost of quiet quitting to organizations but in total, organizations double the revenue generated per employee.

Training produces a 22% Productivity Increase while Coaching produces 88% Productivity Increase. Both Training and Coaching have a huge ROI power for businesses and individual investment… but when you put them together the return both financially, professionally, and emotionally is exponential. Coaching combined with training produces a 788% ROI between enhanced productivity and retention.


Invest in yourself

Your personal development is all up to you, but it helps to have a partner.  Ask me how to get discounts on personal development training an coaching sessions.

The responsibility for personal development rests with you, but you don’t have to do it alone. There is a ton of information on the internet and I know it can get overwhelming to know what’s the best information to take and run with, and what you should just leave be.  YouTube, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning are all great places to do a search for what you need and get great information.  But, what happens if you don’t know what you need or if you have questions?

That’s where I come in. Between my experience and my connections I’ve created trainings and coaching programs to elevate my client’s lives and businesses but they aren’t just training and coaching programs, we blend these programs with an entire community of people so that you can get the support you need.

How I Work With You

Assess & Analyze

We look at where you are, what’s challenging you and what you or your teams need.

Dedicated Planning Sessions

Together we work on goals, and sourcing the resources, time, and people needed to make the impact that you need for success.

Delivery & Feedback

I deliver customized trainings, coaching programs, and resources that are specific to your needs, and you deliver feedback so we can maximize your results.

Elevate your business and your team.

When I work for other people I’m always accutely aware that there is an entire business and team surrounding them. Coming in and delivering a quick training isn’t going to do the job, because humans only retain every 7th word that is said.  People need consistent and ongoing support to implement lasting changes.

01. Gap Analysis

From employee and leadership surveys to 360 assessments and individual and group interviews, I work to gleam the information that gets to the root of what’s really going on.

02. Plan Development

Once we understand the information around the roadblocks and have a clear definition of the results we want, I generate a plan for training, resources, and coaching.

03. Our Services

I’ve built a team of experts that offer services likeVirtual or Inperson Training and Speaking, Virtual Project Management, Product or Service Development and Personal or Team Coaching and Consulting, no matter where we need to start, I make sure we deliver on the plan.

04. Extended Performance

After we’ve executed on the plan, we ensure that your team is really getting what they need by conducting another gap analysis after 90 days to 6 months.  Together we work to deliver a big impact to your team, your company, and YOU.

Frequently used services

I meet you and your team where you are so we can use one or all of these services.  Contact me to discuss.

Find the Gaps to Fill

My gap analysis is a powerful tool and can give you a starting point even if you’re not ready to schedule a training for your team or business.  My gap analysis gives you valuable feedback on unseen challenges for your teams, and shares an assessment of what to do in order to fill those gaps and maximize your team’s efficiencies.


Don’t have a team to implement recommendations?

Implementing new policies, procedures, and changes to culture take time, energy, effort, and sometimes an entire team.  I’ll use my superpowers of collaboration and coaching to help your leadership team to work together and implement the strategies agreed to.

$8,000/month – (approximately 40 hours)

Training Development and Delivery

When you’re moving a change through your organization, your teams need training, and understanding behind the changes.  I work with you and your experts to develop trainings you can reuse and deliver those to your team.

Virtual Trainings – start at $500 / hour

In-Person Trainings – start at $1,000 / hour (plus travel)

LMS Implementation – $24,000

CRM Implementation – $45,000 (includes 6 mos. of post implementation support)

Ongoing Coaching 

Post implementation you need to have someone that your leadership team can go to for questions, thoughts, concerns and more.  I offer ongoing coaching via voxer – which is your team’s walkie talkie for support. 

$250/month per person.

General Trainings

I have a catalog of trainings around a variety of subject matter from business accument to emotional intelligence.

Contact me to discuss pricing.

How to get Started

Ready to elevate your team and your business?

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