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I believe that everyone has not only the ability, but the duty and deep down, the desire to become a changemaker.  It’s my personal mission to meet change makers where they are and to connect them with the tools and support to not only make change happen, but to build a life where work, passion, freedom and fulfillment are harmonious and not at odds. Together, I know that we can create a more compassionate, confident, and more meaningful conversation which shifts our perspectives and changes the world.

My Story

In 2011 I was a new mom, a business owner and a wife who was dealing with chronic pain, and was really struggling because I thought the world, my business, and my kids would be better off without me. 

I directly tied my worth at the time with my productivity and I felt as if success was fleeting and understandably so. I didn’t understand at the time that I was worthy of rest AND success and so I would cycle from periods of complete exhaustion to overcompensate by doing more, being more, and giving more until I was expending so much of myself that I’d find myself completely depleted again. 

In short I was without direction or purpose, and I was constantly punishing myself.  

Then… out of the darkest moments of my life, where hopelessness and despair had taken over I found the change maker in myself. 

I took the steps to enrich my mental, financial, and physical health. Elevated my career and my business, and I 

In 2013 I stepped into corporate life and it didn’t take me long to realize that there was a drastic disconnect between those in the c-suite leadership positions and those who were on the front lines of the companies I worked with. 

I set out to shift the way that companies think about their number one asset – their people – the humans behind the businesses – and the lives they lead.

That journey has lead me on the path to earn 3 degrees (my highest a masters), worked side by side with teams I managed to support Fortune 500 companies, founded the Perspective Shifters Hub, written a book, became a best selling author, and delivered over 300 keynote training sessions, helping thousands of people. and founded a community learning hub where I now get to help other changemakers to promote their missions, connect with their teams, audience, and ideal customers.

Together we are changing the perspective of the world. 

More on Changing The World

Our Mission

My mission is to empower individuals to find the best version of themselves in all aspects, to see the inner truth of their experiences and to teach others to do the same in a way that allows for life balance.  

In essence: To inspire change makers to create change through living the authentic life they really want, where their impact reflects harmony with personal confidence and compassion.

The mission starts with individuals gaining an understanding of where their unique perspective sits, and then making conscious efforts to shift their personal perspective to increase emotional intelligence, decrease leadership burnout, and develop an inspired and creative culture.

Changemaking starts with the individual. We are in unique positions to have powerful impacts, not only for organizations, but also for communities of people.  Perspective is everything, and whether you’re a leader in title, or behavior, you have an immeasurable opportunity to affect those around you in a way that will change, not just your organization, but the world.

My Values

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Each of us live with, work with, and live in a community that is impacted each and every day by our actions.  I believe that when we engage and contribute to our communities in a positive way and devote ourselves to the betterment of ourselves for those around us, it shifts our perspective on our impact and inspires us and others to create change. 

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Attunement & Development

As individuals, each of us have our own perspective, values, and purpose.  I believe that by centering and meeting people where they are and seeking to truly understand each person’s thoughts, feelings, and beliefs we can align them with who they really are and move every person towards their highest and greatest impact within their day to day. 

Integrity & Consistency

Once we have taken the time to find the person we really are, it’s critical to ensure we are being truthful to who we are, and creating a space of trust where those around us can do the same.  Only through the creation of trust on a consistent basis can we truly inspire others to be authentic and to create change.

Mental Clarity

In today’s world it’s easy to allow our thoughts to get clouded with other’s perspectives.  These clouded thoughts can prevent us from finding joy in the day to day… I believe that through seeking mental clarity that is attuned and in integrity with our true perspective, we can find joy which can be shared with others to uplift and change the world.

Transformation & Perspective Shifting

My specialty is gaining insight into other points of view and then challenging people with questions that inspire healthy thought processes and solutions.  Perspective Shifting is by far the most effective way that I’ve personally experienced which creates lasting change for an individual and their world.

Unconditional Love

Every individual is worthy of love, and changemakers only do what we do because of love.  Embracing my heart and helping others to embrace theirs, has allowed me to connect with audiences, and individuals in a way that allows me to deliver perspective shifting feedback in a way that makes getting uncomfortable for growth a lot more comfortable.

More about Working with Me

For better or worse, I’m not like the others…

I’ve spent years observing the ways in which leadership is not currently working for people.  I’ve personally overcome my own challenges with my mental health which spurred from trying to press myself into a box and trying to be what everyone else wanted me to be.  Heads up, it doesn’t work.  It was only through embracing who I am without trying to “change” myself that I found my light again. 

I believe if you’ve found my page you’re most likely a change maker and can agree that our current methods might appear to work from the outside, but the truth is that when we try to push others to “conform” to the systems, missions, and perspectives that don’t work for them, we dim their light, which reduces the incredible brightness that an entire team or community can bring. 

This is what sets me apart from others in the coaching and leadership development world.  I haven’t walked the traditional paths – I started a business in highschool, failed at it, and went on to start many more – learning that the “coaching” and “systems” that was working for other successful business owners didn’t work for me.  I went to college 5 times, for 5 different majors, Self published my book, and found the ways to work in the corporate world and support a team of people which broke the traditional ideas of what a corporate leader “should” be like. I’m the perfect example of why traditional leadership and traditional coaching doesn’t work for everyone. 

Since I figured this out, and found what worked for me, I’ve continued to work toward helping others figure out what works best for them too. There isn’t a one size fits all approach and it’s why you won’t find information on my “Fail proof systems.”  Because there isn’t such a thing.  

My Process

If you’re interested in working with me, book an initial consultation call – these are always free.  During this call I’ll seek to understand your challenges, as well as what approaches are working (or not) for you.  We’ll uncover if I can help and if I can’t, I’ll refer you to the network of other perspective shifting experts I work with.  


Book a Consultation Call

During this call I’ll seek to understand your challenges, as well as what approaches are working (or not) for you.  We’ll uncover if I can help and if I can’t, I’ll refer you to the network of other perspective shifting experts I work with.  


Meeting you where you are

I will work WITH you to ensure that you are aligned with your true needs and wants so that the roadblocks and challenges and then find one of the programs that I have which will work for you, your company, or your team.


Create The Right Roadmap

There is never a one size fits all – Many frameworks can help you find success. Once we get really clear on the starting point and the destination, we’ll create the road map that works for you with clear steps.


Acheive Continued Success

Once we’re on our way – there are plenty of things that come up in life that can create challenges and detours on our way.  I work with clients to ensure that we are able to make adjustments to the path to ensure that you achieve success.

Ways to work with me for Free

You don’t have to spend a fortune

If you’re interested in working with me, click to book an initial consultation call – these are always free.  

In the meantime, download my free elevation planning guide which will give you a great starting point to unlocking your purpose, finding clarity, and gaining confidence.


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