Find Light in the Darkness:

An Immersive Group Journey for Understanding Depression

29% of Americans

29% of Americans have experienced or are experiencing symptoms of depression.

  Join me for an 18-week group coaching experience to overcome isolation, reignite motivation, and cultivate deeper human connection – for yourself or a loved one affected by depression.

Experiencing depression can feel like being trapped alone in a dark void, grasping for support yet pushing it away. The relationships that once uplifted you fray under the weight of misunderstanding. 

But you don’t have to face this battle alone any longer.

Meet your loved ones where they are.

Introducing Perspectives Through Broken Glass, Guided Group Coaching – an intimate, 18-week group coaching journey led by Stephanie Kunkel, author of “Perspectives Through Broken Glass.” This isn’t just another book club… it’s an opportunity to transform your outlook on depression from hopelessness to empowerment.

Don’t let another day go by feeling trapped, misunderstood, or hopeless. The path to light begins here.

The book is just the start to understanding depression.

What You’ll Experience:

Be part of an intimate circle united by a shared desire to break free from depression’s grip on your life or the life of someone you care about deeply.

You get access to: 

  • A digital copy of the groundbreaking book “Perspectives Through Broken Glass” for weekly reading
  • A companion digital workbook to deepen your insights through journaling and self-exploration exercises
  • Weekly live group discussions starting July 23rd to share perspectives, find community, and accountability
  • Proven mindset tools to reconnect with what matters most
  • A safe space to openly communicate your experiences without judgment or fear
  • Anchoring mantras to combat feelings of numbness and reignite your emotional spark
  • A profound understanding of depression to strengthen your self-compassion or ability to support loved ones

18 weeks of transformative growth and discussion leads to a better understanding of depression.

No more struggling alone against waves of emptiness.

No more trying to act confident.

No more draining attempts at connection with those around you. 

No more trying to impact change and spinning wheels.

Live the life you want.

Live the life you deserve.

Live the life you love.

By choosing to begin this journey, you’ll gain life-altering tools, unshakable community, profound insights, and the ultimate guide for living and relating with compassion in the face of darkness.

Envision breaking through the heavy wall of miscommunication between you and your loved ones. Imagine feeling deeply reconnected through vulnerability and understanding.

About Stephanie

In 2011 Stephanie was clinically depressed, and suicidal.  One decision changed her trajectory and allowed her to be of service to others.  She sought help.

Stephanie is a multi-faceted non-linear thinker, who consistently seeks balance in every aspect of life.  She’s a mother of two and a best selling author with a Masters Degree in leadership and management.  She’s also a keynote speaker and mental health first aider.

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Direct Voxer support from Stephanie to ask questions and receive guidance throughout the entire 18 weeks.

Valued over $1120!

Early and Free access to Stephanie’s upcoming audiobook recording, companion workbook, and a signed copy of her next book upon release.

A $59 Value!

Five months of access to the Perspective Shifters Hub – Stephanie’s Personal and Professional Development community with over 15 other experts.

A $185 Value

As someone who has lived with depression for many years, it’s easy to feel alone and misunderstood.

From the first page, Perspectives Through Broken Glass spoke my language and helped me understand that what I’ve been feeling is more common than I realized (I really should know this by now, but evidently, I’m a slow learner). The author’s personal experiences with depression herself, as well as her leadership experiences, were enlightening.

The author’s style of writing was warm, relatable, and comforting. I cried more than once when something she wrote hit home in its familiarity. She really gets me.

Stephanie’s explanations of how to communicate and relate to someone with depression was so important that I shared the book with several people who had told me on more than one occasion to just pull myself up by my bootstraps and get it together. I felt comfortable doing so because her style of writing doesn’t talk down to either side.

Whether you are someone living with depression or living with someone with depression, this is a great read.

Kristen S.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. There are so many great life lessons and the author really puts things into perspective. I learned a lot from this book and felt after I had a better understanding of myself and others. The author provides great stories and examples to help the reader better understand what they are conveying. The book is well put together and flows really well. I couldn’t put this book down because I was so intrigued by each chapter. I would highly recommend this book to anyone as it touches on many different life lessons. The author discusses topics that everyone goes through and we typically all react in a similar manner. I found this interesting and understood the issues from a whole new angle.

Author Arielle Bradberry

Stephanie lays everything out in this book. Straight from the heart and raw. I have friends and family that have suffered from depression and this book gave me a better understanding of some of the things that they may have gone through or may have dealt with.

Thank you Stephanie for telling your story in the hopes that some may gain an understanding or may be able to open up their hearts to the healing they deserve.

Coach Chris Michel

Who benefits from understanding depression?

For anyone who has felt misunderstood and isolated by depression’s impact on your relationships and daily life, you’ve finally found your tribe. Prepare to experience the healing power of feeling truly seen and embracing an uplifting new outlook that reignites your hope.

For anyone desperate to connect with a loved one and convey your care, but unsure how to breakthrough – this intimate group will provide the answers. You’ll become equipped with perspective-changing realizations that allow authentic relating.


What if I can't attend all the live group sessions?

The benefit of this group is getting multiple perspectives around depression. Every live session will be at the same time on the same day of the week to provide consistency, however there will be a group chat feature, if you prefer to engage in chat.  If you can’t make any of the live sessions, let me know and it may be possible to create a secondary space if we have others in the same place.  Of course you can wait for another instance of this program or you can check out some of the other ways to work with Stephanie directly.  If you’d like access to the information but prefer not to engage in a group setting, you are welcome to join the program and go through things at your own pace.

Is this just an online book club or is there more to it?

This is a truly immersive, multi-layered experience. You’ll not only read the book chapters, but also complete enriching workbook activities and participate in deep group discussions facilitated by the author herself. Stephanie’s personal coaching through Voxer support takes it far beyond a typical book club, and the additional bonuses add an extra layer of support and elevation.

Can I purchase just the book and workbook separately?

Yes of course, the book is already available for order directly through Stephanie or through Amazon, and the workbook will be out soon. If you prefer a signed copy, you can touch base with Stephanie directly and she will send you a signed copy.

What if I'm not currently experiencing depression myself?

This offering is valuable whether you are directly impacted by depression currently/previously or have a loved one or co-worker who is. The insights, community, and tools will foster greater self-compassion and ability to support others.

How long does the program last?

The program is 18 weeks long, reading 1 chapter per week of the book, completing workbook activities, and meeting for a live group session facilitated by Stephanie. The first Session is on July 23rd, 2024 and will be held every Tuesday at 6pm Central Time.

I'm not technologically savvy, will this be easy to access?

Absolutely! We’ve made accessing the materials, Voxer support, and live sessions seamless. You’ll receive easy access details once you sign up, before the class starts. If any technical issues arise, our team of experts is available to assist.

How much does this cost?

The program is being offered for an introductory price of $900 up front or 12 payments of $75. You’ll get all of the class materials, The 18 weeks of group coaching  and the $1360 in bonuses.

If cost is prohibiting you from signing up, please reach out to us.  We have sponsors and donors who have made it possible for us to grant scholarships.

The power to reclaim your light-filled life is right in front of you.

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