Meeting You Where You Are

I’m really happy you’re here right now. There’s alot to look at here, so if you have any questions, feel free to book a planning call with me, where we can assess where to start.

In the meantime, I recommend starting with the free resources, or taking a look at the complete programs I offer.

Free Resources

Life Balance Planning Guide

Life Balance

There’s no such thing as work/life balance – it’s all just life balance. If you are ready to live the life you want, click here.

Facebook Group

Where Change Makers can find support, resources, and community. 

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Perspective Shifting Sessions

Get perspective on your personal or professional development. Share a challenge you’re having, and we’ll brainstorm solutions.


Become a Certified Perspective Shifter

Become a certified change maker. Get more information on how to have courageous conversations and becoming a perspective shifter.

Guided Groups – Depression

Join the guided support group for managing depression at home or in the workplace, based on my book “Perspectives Through Brooken Glass” 

Get Coaching on The Perspective Shifter’s Hub

Achieve Life Balance with support from experts, anytime access to cources, and live events on whats important to you. Become a member today.

Steph’s Creative Services

Intuitive Human Design Readings

I’ve been studying human design for the last 3 years and I’m really beginning to enjoy doing chart readings. If you’re new to Human Design, or interested in getting a different take, book a call now.  

Stephanie Kunkel hosts a team building event in a board room, she stands in the corner near a white board she's dressed in black, her hands spread at her waist as she obviously discusses an important topic with the leaders in the room, she has blonde, shoulder length hair, dark glasses and a slight smile. She continues to shift perspectives.
On a brown table, A pair of hands that are light complexion are resting on top of a notebook, in between the fingers on the right hand is a gold pen with the cap on. Scattered around the notebook and pair of hands, are 4 brown questions marks.

Speech Writing

Struggling to have people really see you, your product, or your campaign platform? Help other people see the unseen about you.  When you give a speech it should express YOU from the inside out. Make an impact with this done for you service.

Creative Writing

From Blogs to Ghost Writing and even commissioned short stories, I enjoy challenging myself to write on new topics, and generate new stories that others enjoy. I can be as creative or professional as you need lets chat about what you need.

Premium Products & Services

Perspectives Through Broken Glass

Grab the book that is changing perspectives on depression at home and in the workplace.

Gap Analysis & Growth Recommendations

I’ll help you get clarity on the next steps to elevate your team and your business.

Project Planning & Management

After 10 years in project management and planning. I support businesses with integrating change organizationally.