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Perspective Shifting, LLC Cookie Policy


Welcome to Perspective Shifting, LLC. This Cookie Policy is designed to provide clarity on how we employ cookies on our website, fostering a user-friendly and transparent online experience.

Types of Cookies

Essential Cookies: Critical for basic website functionality.

Functional Cookies: Enhance the user experience by remembering preferences.

Analytical Cookies: Facilitate performance analysis for continuous improvement.

Marketing Cookies: Enable targeted advertising and promotions.

How Cookies Are Used

Essential Cookies: Authentication and data security.

Functional Cookies: Personalized user experience based on preferences.

Analytical Cookies: Data collection for performance enhancement.

Marketing Cookies: Delivery of personalized advertisements.

User Consent

User consent is obtained through interactive pop-ups, ensuring a participatory role for users in the decision-making process.

Opt-Out Options

Users have the flexibility to adjust cookie settings or opt-out through both browser settings and our website preferences.

Third-Party Cookies

We explicitly disclose the utilization of third-party cookies, providing comprehensive information on user control over data shared with external entities.

Policy Updates

This policy undergoes regular reviews Annually, demonstrating our commitment to staying abreast of emerging risks and technological advancements.

By utilizing our website, you express consent to the outlined use of cookies in this policy.