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Perspective Shifting
By Stephanie Kunkel

Here’s the beginning of a new journey towards positive leadership and perspective. Perspective Shifting by Stephanie Kunkel is a guide for you to have positive insight to become a better leader, and help those around you. She helps people change their perception by offering leadership training and development programs and also perspective shifting books.

What Is Perspective Shifting?

Perspective Shifting is taking a problem, a point of view, or a toxic thought process and shifting
the perspective to give you insight into a solution, another point of view and a healthy thought process.

Why Perspective Shifting For Leaders?

Leaders are in unique positions to have powerful impacts, not only for organizations, but also for
people. In order to leverage perspective shifting it starts with the individual leaders. Gaining first, an
understanding of where our unique perspective sits, and then making conscious efforts to shift your
personal perspective to increase emotional intelligence, decrease leadership burnout, and develop an
inspired and creative culture.

Perspective is everything, and whether you’re a leader in title, or behavior, you have an
immeasurable opportunity to affect those around you in a way that will change, not just your
organization, but the world.

I teach leaders of all levels the fundamental skills to explore different perspectives while
maintaining their own sense of self. As partners, we will shift cultures through accountability, love, and
intention by showing your leaders the path to confidence, compassion, and communication. The
Perspective Shifting program shows leaders how to build, walk, and guide others down this path, helping
entire organizations of people to become master collaborators, and shining examples of leadership.

Individualized Consulting

Want to make a big impact? Are you a servant leader who understands that you can change the world with just one person? Do you feel stuck in the same day in and day out, feeling like you’re not making an impact? Stephanie guarantees to help you bring a different perspective to the game. Whether you’re a politician, a CEO, or a Front Line manager – She is here to help you make an impact.


About Me

It started when I went from frontline work to frontline manager. The company I worked for had zero management training. While I personally had been lucky enough to work with leaders who inspired and coached my leadership skills, there was a massive chasm between frontline peer leadership and management. The Process of stepping into those roles lacked consistency or substance which left me and other leaders less than confident in our place or abilities.

While others shrugged, and just did the best they could with what they had, I didn’t feel that was good enough. Others would go through this process in the future, and my goal was to leave that challenging situation with something of value. So, I focused on solutions and collaboration until I built a
custom leadership development program from scratch for an entire organization. It was that process that led me to uncover the impact that a solid leadership training and development program could have on each level of the organization. In that realization, I saw the potential to change the world by working with leaders on the fundamentals of perspective shifting.

From becoming a girl scout troop leader, to corporate professional development, to political leaders my goal is to pave the way for unprecedented positive change. It is the mission of my company.