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After living years with undiagnosed depression, it took the emotional toll of being a new mother with unrealistic expectations and a plan for suicide for Stephanie to finally seek help. Through cognitive behavioral therapy Stephanie found her way out of the darkness, off the couch, and into a corporate leadership role. Leveraging her experience with consulting fortune 500 companies, her master’s degree in leadership, and the lessons she learned in therapy Stephanie has crafted a guide for those enduring depression in any way.

Whether you’re among the 20 to 25 percent of adults experience depression or among the friends, family, coworkers, or leaders who navigate the delicate balance between support and motivation, this book is a game changer. Perspectives Through Broken Glass offers a guide out of the black hole for those struggling with depression and a path to becoming a more compassionate leader in the face of rising numbers of people struggling with depression and an increased awareness of mental health.

Americans spend a third of their life at work, so this perspective can help leaders change the mental healthcare landscape!

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